The Hard Truth of Editing

Hey everyone, today’s post is going to explain my struggle with editing and how I was able to overcome it. Editing can be a very tough thing to get started with especially  for someone who has never really edited photos before. The header that you see above was created with Photoshop. Since this is for a class of mine, I had to use two images to create this header. It was very difficult for me to create because it required a lot of patience and time to get everything just right. Photoshop is not my forte but I used it to try to get started. In order to get started I had to look up YouTube tutorials to help me figure out how to crop images, select and remove different parts such as the female figures from the original image. Also layering and blending two different images to create the background and creating a border to accentuate the image. There was a lot of trial and error with experimenting with different blend modes and the opacity of the layers to achieve the right effect. In terms of the idea of my header, I knew how I wanted it to look regarding color scheme and layout. I wanted a spacey yet quiet appearance showing the different shades of black women. The shades were something I wanted to stand out because it would give reference to what my blog is all about, breaking down beauty among black women. I definitely did struggle many times trying blend the images and also trying to figure how exactly I wanted this done but in the end it came out better than I expected. Now that I have gotten the hang of Photoshop, I definitely want to use it for editing my personal photos, trying out different schemes of color and just playing around with overlapping images.


One thought on “The Hard Truth of Editing

  1. I too also had issues with creating my header and it didn’t come out how I wanted it to. I love how you explained everything for how you went about editing your picture and what it stands for. It makes me feel like I can try to edit my own image again and make it a little better. Maybe I should try Photoshop and I’ll have more luck with this assignment as well.


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