A New Technique

Who knew editing music could be a such a task! Hey guys, this post is all about editing music and how I overcame that #struggle. For my class, we needed to choose two songs to crossfade into each other and record our voices to form a commercial for our blog. Thankfully, I knew the two songs I wanted to play but since the melodies are a little different I had to figure out how exactly I was going to merge them together. I did watch tutorials on how to use Garageband and the tutorials were very helpful. Learning how to split/splice my songs wasn’t a difficult task until I had to choose where exactly this action would take place. The tricky part about splitting two songs is making sure that when you crossfade them, it matches so that it doesn’t sound like you just cut and pasted it together. The real challenge for me was the crossfade technique. Crossfading is taking two songs that you split and putting them together so they overlap into each other. The timing is very important when it comes to splitting a song and crossfading because they go hand and hand. If you split the song at the wrong time, crossfading won’t be very successful so you have to play it by ear, literally. By listening to the song and figuring out where exactly you want to make that split really helps. I listened to both songs and wrote the times of where exactly I wanted my first song to fade away as I added in my audio recording, where I wanted to fade my voice and build up the music and finally where I wanted to add the second song to end the commercial. Overall, I’m very happy with how it turned out, feel free to listen and let me know how it sounds!! Bye for now!



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