Hey guys!! So Solange Knowles came out with a new song called “Don’t Touch My Hair” and after listening to the song, I thought it was beautifully written and said. As a black woman, my hair texture is curly and kinky so when I have my hair out other people will stare and ask if they can touch it. I find it offensive because the reason they ask is to say “Wow how do you get your hair like that?,” “I wish my hair did that.,” or “Wow your hair is so fluffy.” It makes me feel like an animal that can be pet on command. It’s weird because no one really asks to touch other races hair like that, it’s usually black women because the way our hair falls is different. It’s appealing to others and it’s intriguing which I understand but you don’t need to touch it in a vigorous way by pulling, grabbing or pressing. There is a human attached to this hair you seek to touch and people forget that.


3 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. I have very curly hair, and all my friends have always had straight hair. People come up to me and ask to touch it, or play with it, or what products I use to style it. It definitely feels awkward at times. They get so intrigued by something that is rare to them but is really so normal.


  2. I absolutely am in love with her entire album and her song “don’t touch my hair” is amazing. It sends a message to all the girls out there to embrace their hair. I love that Solange is different and makes music that is so authentic and genuine. Her music video was amazing with it being that she even choreographed her own dance moves. I enjoyed reading your post. It made me excited the minute I read the first sentence.


  3. Hey I really enjoyed your post (and Solange’s album) and I actually noticed something similar happen to me recently. So I’m not Black, I’m Latina, and throughout high school I had my sister braid the side of my hair (cornrows) because she was way better at hair than me and I was good at makeup (we traded services). We recently moved in together as she started attending RU and I asked her to braid my hair again. Well wouldn’t you know it I had at least three instances of people asking to touch my braids!! I felt really uncomfortable with people’s hands who had been who knows where all up in my hair, so I can only imagine how Black women must feel on a daily basis. I think people see something ‘exotic’ and ‘other’ and immediately feel this entitlement to satisfy their curiosity and don’t think about how they would feel as a human being in that situation.


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