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Hey guys!! Today’s post is a little different we will be looking at a blog that I love and gain inspiration from daily. The name of the blog is called Patricia Bright. In order for me to show you guys her blog I downloaded a software called Jing and this allowed me to do a screencast. Screencasting is a method used to basically narrate a video from your computer screen and this could be anything really. The downloading process for Jing was really easy and the process of screencasting was an easy task as well. The only problem that occurred with me was the actual recording process. I have such a hard time hearing my own voice that it was difficult for me to figure out how exactly I wanted this to sound. I also had to figure out how I was going to navigate the blog and what exactly I was going to show. After I finished recording I uploaded it to which took awhile because the file was a little big. But overall my experience with screencasting was a great one. I knew what screencasting was but didn’t really know that this was the term for it. Since Patricia does YouTube, she has a video where she shows her viewers how she shops online using the clothing website ASOS. I never really understood how she did it until now. I always thought it was a camera pointed at the screen but now I know exactly what she was doing. Screencasting is a really cool technique to learn because it gives the viewer the opportunity to see exactly how you navigate a website or a game. It’s like an intimate way to become closer with your audience and allow them to see things through your eyes. I would definitely use this software for a project to showcase my work because of how easy it really is. Below is a link to my screencast video.

Screencast Vido


One thought on “Follow My Lead

  1. I thought it was really interesting how you mentioned the simplicity of the black and white design in your screencast, I had never considered that before! I think you provided a good analysis of Patricia Bright’s blog and explained why you like it in detail.


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