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Hello again my lovely readers!! Today’s post is going to be about social media and how you can help me in this area. Social media is obviously a powerful tool that connects us all and allows us to know exactly what’s going on. It allows you to become personal with the person(s) you are following and interact as well. Social media is also a great tool to utilize for bloggers like me because as a blogger it gives me the capability to keep in touch with my readers to let you know what’s going on. As the reader, you have the ability to comment and share whatever content I put on my blog to one of your social media platforms. This is what’s called an input and an output. The way we connect works in a cycle that gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other. You as my reader have the opportunity to help promote me and share with others exactly what I’m all about. My blog about encouraging other black women like myself is very important to me that people know to come find my blog to receive this encouragement and knowledge. I want others to understand how important it is to me that these issues matter and that’s where you as the reader come in. You can share with others my mission and purpose of what my blog is about so help me out in sharing my vision.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Sharing

  1. I think Tumblr would be a great social media network to promote your blog on, even though it is another blogging site, because you can post previews of your posts with pictures/videos/gifs and then link it to this blog. You could also use hashtags so your posts come up with searches. There might even be a way to link this blog to the tumblr account.


  2. Hey!

    I think that twitter and tumblr if not facebook would be a good way to spread the word about your page. I also believe that with those two platforms that you’d get many followers as well.


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