Foods Love Iggy


So does anyone remember that time period when Iggy Azalea became the poster child for your favorite food? I don’t particularly remember how this started but it’s a pretty cruel thing to do to someone?


I won’t speak on Iggy Azalea’s music but I will say that these memes are pretty laughable to the public audience and obviously the person that created. Memes are such a power thing that they can create a statement and change your total viewpoint of something just by looking at it.


Another meme that was popular during the movie premiere “Straight Outta Compton,” this meme was created. Iggy is the person of interest above which targets her talent as a female rapper. Many people agree on that Iggy Azalea isn’t the most talented female rapper around and make it known how they feel. I’m pretty sure she has seen these memes and obviously reacted to them but I think it’s pretty cool to think that memes that ordinary people make can reach celebrities. And time after time we see how they react to these memes. An example is the Lil Mama memes of her crying during an interview and then touched on it in a song she made. Memes are the new way to reach people we never thought we could and make statements that will stick around till the end of time.


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