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Hey everyone!! SO as you can see I linked a YouTube video from Samantha Vay’s channel. Since this blog is about finding beauty on the outside and inside, I decided to talk about this video. Yes I know she isn’t a black female but it doesn’t mean I can’t include women who discuss topics on beauty. Samantha Vay has a #WTW (Women Talk Wednesdays) segment on her channel where she discusses different topics people may suggest or she wants to talk about. This video is a year old but I related to the points she made in her video.

Her video is based off of an email she received fro someone explaining how she should be satisfied with how she looks and not change herself because of the standards of beauty today. The email was pretty harsh in my opinion and though what the person stated in the email was to an extent true, I believe it’s wrong to assume that everyone that changes how they look is due to conforming to standards of beauty. The act of changing your appearance can solely be because you just want a different look or are curious to how a certain hair color or makeup look would suite you. Samantha also emphasizes how being educated and wanting to accomplish goals is not praised and often overlooked which indicates that people are quick to judge your looks.

Now relating this to the Fair Use Checklist, I had to make sure that I was “allowed” to post this video on my blog because I went through a Creative Commons website to obtain it. By checking the checklist and making sure that each areas are checked off ensures that no foul play is committed. There are four sections within the checklist (purpose, nature, amount and effect) that need to addressed. For purpose, I chose this video because it fits the theme of my blog and feel that this is a good example of staying true to yourself. For nature, this video helps give my audience a deeper meaning of the issue at hand. For amount, the whole video is being shown but every part of the video is important to her explaining how she feels about the issue. And finally for effect, I have no copyright of this video it solely belongs to YouTube but by placing the link, my viewers are viewing the video through the YouTube website not literally from my blog.


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